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Brake Metal

Americlad has the capabilities necessary to fabricate up to 20’ continuously, allowing us to deliver truly comprehensive custom brake metal product offerings.

Fabricated Brake Metal


Our brake metal flashing or trim parts can be manufactured in a wide array of sizes, materials and finishes to meet all your project’s needs.

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Aluminum and steel brake metal parts are durable and long-lasting, making them a sustainable choice for the extended health of your structure.

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Americlad prioritizes simplicity of installation across all our products. Our brake metal flashings and trim parts are easy to install in a variety of applications.

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Americlad’s state-of-the-art fabrication capabilities allow us to provide endless customization options for your brake metal products.

Fabricated Brake Metal Feature

Product Features

Material Options

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Pre-finished steel
  • Zinc

Finish Choices

  • Pre-finished anodized
  • Post-finished anodized
  • Post-painted Kynar®
  • Pre-finished Kynar®
  • Mill finished
Brake Metal Coping


Product Description

This trim is the metal that completes the transition from the vertical wall to the roof, typically a low-slope roof.

Brake Metal Stool Trim

Stool Trim

Product Description

Trim pieces that go around the perimeter of a window or curtain wall on the inside of the building to finish out the closure.

Brake Metal Slab Edge Covering

Slab Edge Cover

Product Description

A formed piece of metal that typically connects to the exterior facade above and below two floors on a building to hide the concrete or steel structure.

Brake Metal Sill Trim

Sill Trim

Product Description

Sill trim is a brake metal piece that goes under a window or curtain wall opening.

Other Brake Metal Options

Other Options

  • Head Enclosures
  • Jambs
  • Backpans
  • Interior Closure Panels
  • Shadow Box Panels
  • Zee Girts
  • Hat Channels
  • Custom Formed Parts

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