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Curtainwall Shadow Box & Interior Closure Panels

Americlad® has the capability to easily manufacture shadow box and interior closure panels that fit inside the curtainwall or storefront opening, giving the overall system depth and a distinctive look.

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Most often utilized with an incorporated shadow box, interior closure panels provide a finished look on the interior of the curtainwall or storefront. Americlad shadow box and interior closure panels are typically manufactured in solid aluminum and can be made in various gauges and finishes, with gauges determined by the overall opening.

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Americlad’s shadow box and interior closure panels offer valuable sustainability features, including LEED credits and the ability to recycle panels at the end of their life. A selection of our panels can be manufactured with recycled materials.

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Easily install your Americlad shadow box and interior closure panels. Either fasten through return legs, or by utilizing the innovative Americlad spring clip, which enables you to avoid unsightly fasteners for a seamless look.

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Shadow box and interior closure panels can give your building a high-quality profile that will impress. Shadow boxes offer a level of depth as seen behind the glass. Finishes, whether painted or anodized, offer limitless color options.

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Product Features

Key Features

  • System depth
  • Material thickness options
  • Limitless aluminum color options
  • Versatile in any curtain wall or store front system


  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • 4 mm Composite
Shadow Box Feature

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Curtainwall and Interior Closure Panel

Product Description

The Americlad® Curtainwall and Interior Closure Panels are designed to close off the unsightly interior structure with a high quality customizable finish.

Americlad® Curtainwall and Interior Closure panel system features include:

  • 9Simple four sided panel design
  • 9Flexible installation, even on unique architecture
  • 9Can be fastened directly through the panel or installed using Americlad's brake metal spring clip
  • 9Available in a wide variety of thicknesses
  • 9Finishes - Post paint aluminum, post anodized aluminum, pre anodized and pre-painted aluminum

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