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Modular Panel Systems

Modular panel systems are endlessly customizable, easy-to-install and flexible to your project’s architectural needs. Our extensive product line, advanced manufacturing processes and commitment to quality ensure that Americlad can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Modular panel systems are offered in both solid and perforated metal configurations with a wide variety of standard panel sizes in many custom color options and overall customization opportunities for virtually endless combinations.

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Aluminum modular panels offer outstanding longevity and can be manufactured with high-quality recycled materials, making them a long-term, sustainable solution for your exteriors.

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Aluminum makes for easy, streamlined installation of your modular panels with greatly reduced risk of damage to the product.

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Our high-quality modular aluminum panels feature a solid, non-laminated metal substrate, making them highly durable, with a highly versatile design experience.

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Product Features


Available in a wide variety of substrate and thicknesses:

  • Aluminum (.063″, .080″, .090″, .125″)
  • Stainless Steel (20ga, 18 ga, 16 ga)
  • Zinc ( 1.2 mm and 1.5 mm)

Rainscreen Systems

  • Wide variety of standard and custom colors available
  • Back Ventilated
  • Numerous standard panel size options
  • Available in natural metals, including zinc, aluminum, copper & stainless steel
  • System features our Dry-Look™ appearance with no exposed fasteners or caulking
AC 7200

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Product Description

The Americlad® AC-7200 Aluminum Dry Joint Panel System is a back ventilated rainscreen panel system designed and manufactured for similar modular panel sizes, providing an aesthetically pleasing and economical solution.

Americlad® AC-7200 system features include:

  • 9Panels have formed return flanges
  • 9Endless color selection
  • 9System features our Dry-Look™ appearance with no exposed fasteners or caulking

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