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How Column Covers and Roof Screens Can Hide Unsightly Building Structures

Exterior view of building with column covers

When it comes to modern architecture and design, aesthetics mean everything. But what do you do when essential structures like vents, pipes, HVAC units, or support beams affect the overall visual appeal? 

In general, design has always had to balance aesthetic appeal with functionality, something not so easy to do. However, the good news is that column covers and roof screens are innovative solutions that can cloak these eyesores, ultimately maintaining a building’s visual integrity while preserving its function.

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5 Ways Column Covers and Roof Screens Improve Aesthetics

Architectural aesthetics can significantly impact a building’s value and the impression it makes. Fortunately, items like column covers and roof screens can enhance a building’s exterior by hiding unattractive features without compromising function or compliance. How?

1. Seamless Integration Into Building Design
Column covers come in various finishes and materials, allowing them to seamlessly blend with the building’s existing design language and flow. The best part is that when properly executed, they can turn structural necessities into design highlights.

2. Customization to Match Architectural Style
Uniformity is key to a cohesive building design. Whether a building exudes a modern, industrial, classical, or minimalist charm, both column covers and roof screens can be customized to match its architectural style. Thus, you can ensure things like consistency and visual continuity.

3. Enhancing Functionality With Style
The fusion of function and form is evident in screen enclosure beams because they ultimately bolster structural support while upping the aesthetic value. These beams can be easily incorporated into the design, ensuring that they conceal any structural or mechanical elements with subtlety.

4. Material Majesty
Selecting the right material can make all the difference. With options spanning aluminum to stainless steel, these covers and screens add a layer of sophistication while serving a protective function. They are designed to resist issues like corrosion and withstand environmental wear and tear, ensuring longevity alongside improving overall aesthetics.

5. A Solution to Regulation Compliance
Often, buildings need to comply with certain visual or environmental standards. Roof screens, in particular, help to meet these regulations by covering unsightly equipment. This is perfect when it comes to maintaining the aesthetic integrity of urban and suburban areas.

Interior lobby with column covers

Americlad’s Column Covers and Roof Screens

Americlad specializes in crafting column covers and roof screen systems that harmonize with your building’s design while masking unsightly structures. With an array of material options and custom design capabilities, you can be confident you will receive a robust solution tailored for any architectural challenge. For those considering such a system, their product page offers further insight into the various customization options available.

For more information, explore news updates to stay informed about the latest innovations and technologies that Americlad incorporates into their product lines. In addition, learn about Americlad and discover their commitment to quality and aesthetic excellence.

Exterior view of building with reflective column covers


Column covers and roof screens are indispensable in today’s architectural designs. They not only disguise the less appealing aspects of building infrastructure but also contribute to the overall aesthetic. In summary, Americlad understands the importance of marrying form and function. With a comprehensive array of cantilever sunshade systems, they provide customizable solutions that meet the demands of any project.

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